This afternoon, while sitting on the grass in the park with my little Chihuahua Georgy, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my bare feet, I pondered on the current human predicament and wondered if anything could be done to facilitate a smoother transition to a better world. I decided to do a spiritual contemplation exercise for direction.

I closed my eyes and opened my awareness to feel the energetic field of the collective in my area. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit I contemplated on my reflection (this particular skill is something that the Holy Spirit has taught me and continues to teach me through daily spiritual practices. There is no “magic” involved in this practice. It is simply learning to focus one’s attention into the frequency vibrations beyond the five senses, feel them and listen to spiritual guidance).  

I felt an impenetrable wall of energy in front of me and became helpless. The nature of this wall was collective terror, specifically the fear of death. I quickly stopped the impulse to push against it to make it go away -a natural human reaction- knowing quite well that it is useless and exhausting to attempt such feat. I took several deep, slow breaths to relax and continued the contemplative exercise.

It is practically impossible for a single individual to break through a solid wall of collective, emotionally induced, unconscious terror. Furthermore, if the individual attempts to use will power against it, the collective will register such act as an assault resulting in a rise in fear and the subsequent tightening of the wall at the level of the unconscious mind.

“It is hopeless.” I thought. Before despair engulfed me completely, I turned my full attention on Spirit and kept breathing deeply. I felt the nudge to revisit the past; specifically, the many times I worked as a manager in food related industries.

During those times, I remembered, I found myself navigating difficult circumstances caused by the previous management. Employees didn’t work as a team and in many instances they were at odds with one another. Some of them gave away food to friends who stopped by, decided when to come to work and when to leave ignoring their scheduled time and didn’t follow regulations for cleanliness and minimum waste of resources. The large majority of them had an outright attitude of entitlement and disrespect.

It was nearly impossible to function in an environment where anarchy ruled.

It is my personal opinion that a true leader is someone who is both firm and fair; one who follows a vision through to fruition no matter the obstacles in the way. A leader is able to set the tone (it is an actual energetic sound or note) from the core of his being as both a vision and a feeling of the environment to be manifested and holds it unwavering.

 At the time I didn’t know how to manifest a vision according to a higher purpose, a divine purpose. I knew the workplace I wanted to participate in; one where everyone felt a sense of cooperation, camaraderie and closeness; an environment that supported and promoted personal growth for all (me included and extended to the customers). In my vision, synergy instead of anarchy was the collective choice embraced willingly by each individual.

Contemplating on this today, I realized that I had a clear feeling of what I wanted to manifest. Furthermore, I didn’t keep the feeling inside me; I brought it out through choices, decisions and interactions for all to see and feel.

The first week on the job, I worked alongside the employees getting to know them and observing their behavior. I gave everyone the opportunity to become a valued team member and to mature as a human being. I explained what was expected of them and what needed to change. At this point things began to heat up. Those who didn’t want to let go of the old bad habits acquired during and overlooked by the previous manager became belligerent opposing and ignoring what was asked of them. I wrote them up each time they conducted themselves in an inappropriate manner and explained again the new code of work ethics. Some of them left without notice. Others, the more stubborn ones, tried everything to bully and coerce me into submission. One of them assaulted me physically. I had to call the police to have her removed from the store for good. Two large cops struggled with her and could hardly hold her down.

Those were the hardest weeks on the job. I worked around the clock, from opening to closing, seven days a week. I cried myself to sleep most nights. Yet I knew that the storm would eventually pass and balance would be restored at some point. New employees were hired and coached by those who had decided to stay and to participate in creating a better work environment. Bad habits became a thing of the past and soon the fruits of the painful labor began to show.

With happy and grateful employees the energy of the place changed drastically attracting more business and increasing revenues by the double digits. Employees were rewarded and appreciated. Respect, responsibility and dependability were the hallmark of our work family. Customers were attracted by the joyful and cordial disposition of the crew members. They brought us flowers, cards and wrote us poems; their way of reciprocating the love received. A radio station broadcaster, a loyal customer, told the community over radio waves to stop by our store for a cup of coffee imbued with a whole lot of love and joy to warm anyone’s heart. The younger employees came to the workplace on their days off just to hang out. This kind of “magic” happens when people come together in love and unity.

I realized through the contemplation exercise that my experiences as manager are a blueprint for today of the steps involved to move from an outdated and corrupted system of enslavement to one where people choose to come together to create a world of joy, freedom and love.

The “Love vibrations” are around us always and more so nowadays. They nudge us to look into the hidden, dark aspects of our unconscious mind. We are going through the painful and scary phase of a wonderful transformation, the birthing pains of a new collective consciousness. The process is going to be harder for those individuals who are unable and unwilling to let go of their fear to surrender to Truth and face themselves. The old energy template of power and slavery is fighting back to remain in control. This template is constructed and supported by the collective unconscious which holds the key note of the fear vibrations within itself. The individual and collective choice to awaken to truth and align with the love vibration despite of fear dismantles the old master/slave construct; it reveals what has been hiding in the darkness all along and brings it into the light for all to see. People have the opportunity to recognize and acknowledge the lies and distortions promoted by corrupt media, politicians and corporate moguls who are fighting hard to silence the voices of truth.

The transformation will occur not by force of will but by the continued and relentless effort to expose truth by those who have chosen to embody it. Eventually, more people will wake up and come on board while those who still refuse to let go will vanish.

We are experiencing the labor pains of the birthing of the Christ Consciousness in people’s hearts.

A New World under the direction of the Holy Spirit is here, now. It is available to all of us to embrace if we so choose.

The Awakening

Every life on this planet has been touched and changed in some form by now, that includes the lives of animals and plants as well as human beings. Are we living in the prophesied apocalyptic time? It certainly seems to be the case as the hidden corruption, manipulation, abuse of power, human perversions and distortions are now exposed daily despite the massive efforts to cover it up and censure Truth at the hands of corrupt media, international corporations and bankers throughout the entire globe.

The United States was given four years of grace under the Trump administration. The Light of Truth shone brightly under his leadership. The wind of change blew during the four years throughout American soil and beyond, touching every living creature. It started as a gentle, soft breeze that lit a fire inside people’s hearts. It knocked at the doorsteps of a sleepy collective consciousness nudging it to arouse from deep sleep. Then, steadily, with every newly awakened heart, it gained strength and turned into an unstoppable roaring blaze burning around the entire globe. The United States set the stage for the Great Awakening of Humanity and the citizens of Earth heeded the call for Truth and Freedom.

What the United States is undergoing now at the hands of a rhetorically “new” administration has already been fully implemented in other countries of the world reducing them to total poverty and desolation. One of those countries is Venezuela, the place where I was born and raised before coming to the United States and becoming a lawful citizen.

What I write I do from personal experience. My words are not intended to promote or force an ideology or doctrine. I am not here to tell you what to believe or think, that is your work, not mine. Each person needs to arrive at an understanding and recognition of Truth in his own way. After all, our Creator has endowed us with Free Will and it is up to us to use it correctly and maturely by respecting all of creation and its innate right to freedom. It is my understanding that, unless an individual has direct experience, he will never have the realization of Truth.

My words reflect my observations and deductions after years of exposure to the systematic manipulation and destruction of the economic, social, educational, and spiritual infrastructures of my native country at the hands of corrupted politicians under the direction and control of foreign interests. Election fraud at the hands of Smartmatic is something that the entire Venezuelan population is well aware of. It started during the Chavez era and it continues untouched nowadays under Maduro, a Cuban/Chinese puppet.

I remember warning people during a visit to Caracas when Chavez had just come into power of the socialist agenda the government was pushing, that it would take down their liberties. Their answer was, “That is never going to happen here.”

Unfortunately,Venezuelans had grown complacent and had forgotten the horrors they had suffered decades prior to the military coup of Perez Jimenez, the anti-establishment general who freed Venezuela from the tyrannical grip and bondage of foreign entities and bankers who had been consistently enriching their pockets at the expense of the populace.

Under Jimenez Venezuela became a wealthy and prosperous economy with a strong, healthy middle class. Illiteracy was almost non existent and every Venezuelan citizen enjoyed a tranquil, happy life (no crime anywhere). In my opinion, Perez Jimenez was the equivalent to Trump back then. Unfortunately for the Venezuelan people, Perez Jimenez was too much a threat to the “establishment” also known as “The Deep State” (it is called this way because it operates in the shadows; it is a shadow government that rules over the ones you think you have freely elected). He fled the country in the middle of the night to avoid being killed. Much like Trump, he was slandered and falsely depicted as a vicious, power hungry dictator.

My parents lived in Caracas during the time of his leadership. They came from Italy to make a better life for themselves and for the country that was graciously opening its doors to them and to so many other immigrants from around the globe. Perez Jimenez treated people with respect and expected the citizens to treat one another, including the hard working immigrants with respect. Both locals and immigrants alike felt a strong sense of unity and love for their Venezuelan Nation.

The rest is history, albeit a very sad and painful one for the Venezuelan population nowadays who has to endure terrible hardships and hunger. Death knocks at the doors of the Venezuelan children daily because of undernourishment and lack of medications. Many of the rural children are kidnapped and mercilessly killed for organ harvesting and ritualistic ceremonies mainly, but not exclusively, at the hands of Chinese run cartels, a very lucrative enterprise practiced everywhere in the world by different entities (Yes, even here in the USA).

I lived through the horrors of “socialism” in Venezuela and came close to losing my life because of it. I certainly hope that the socialists/dictatorial claws and jaws won’t reach too deep into the American soil.

I don’t know what the future holds for the United States and the world at large. All I know is that it will take a unified effort to bring back freedom and truth to this Nation and to every country on the planet. It all depends on the willingness of each individual to awaken to Truth no matter how ugly, repulsive and painful it is. Unless each one of us begins the personal journey into the scary and dark recesses of the subconscious with courage and love for the Creator, nothing will change. True, lasting change begins within each single heart on Earth.  Before the heart can fully open, all the perversions, divisions, judgments and denials have to surface, be recognized and fully accepted for what they are, then let go into the fire of the Divine Flame to be transformed and purified. From the ashes of the old a new human will arise; one whose heart and focus is on God, Truth and universal Freedom.

What is the awakening about? For me, it is to become conscious of our true essence as Soul. The present time is a spiritual opportunity orchestrated by our creator for us, individually, to return to our true Home through the opening of the Heart into Divine Love. It is humanity’s wake up call to reorient our consciousness in the direction of the Holy Spirit instead of chasing after power, control and a false sense of safety.

Will humanity rise to the occasion? What will humanity choose individually and collectively? We will soon find out. The spiritual call has been made.

What do you choose?  

May God’s love touch your heart and lit the inextinguishable flame of Divine Love and Truth within it.

The End Times

There is so much happening in the USA and all around the world nowadays. I have been observing this process unfold for the past 20 years and I can say that we are now at the very last leg of it.

Like many others, when I was first approached to take a look at the events unfolding right before our eyes from all angles and all sources I was quite unwilling with a mindset fixated on determined notions I had acquired either through the school system or through the collective consensus. Those were the norms and the truth established by authorities I had never taken the time to question. Furthermore, when it came to issues related to politics I would completely shun away wanting nothing to do in the matter.

Well, twenty or so years ago, when I had just moved to Colorado Springs, I started to have dreams about a big storm, more like a tsunami, that would hit the entire world and change the course of humanity for good. It was also at the same time when some friends nudged me to read the books of this English man by the name of David Icke. At first I dismissed their claims of secret societies and a conspiracy to take complete control over humanity as total nonsense. Yet, something deep inside my gut was not feeling quite settled about it. Finally I gave into it and bought a little book called “And the Truth shall set you free” by David Icke.

I was never the same after reading it and I began to do my own research and to ask those friends who were already years ahead of me in the quest for Truth for direction as to where to find individuals who had the guts to dig deep into things kept in the dark and away from day to day knowledge.

I am not here to tell you what to do or what to believe. That is not my place nor is it of anyone else. As a matter of fact, each one of us has the God given right to Free Will and to choose as we please as long as our actions do not encroach on the freedom of others.

During the course of the last twenty years, back in the end of the year 2007, I was then living in Argentina with my son and my eight toy poodles. At the time, I got the nudge to move to Venezuela to help my parents. We drove for fifteen days through Argentina, Brazil and most of Venezuela to make it back home in Caracas where my parents lived. I am going to spare you all the gore details of my stay in Venezuela which lasted exactly seven years, but I will tell you that being there I was able to witness first hand everything I had been researching and reading from all the alternative sources, including David Icke and many others. What had been and still is being labeled and heavily pushed by the mainstream media as “Conspiracy Theory” it is an actual and verifiable fact if observed and researched outside the illusion veil of the cleverly daily brainwashing and manipulation pushed by the “authorities” in the media, Hollywood, political and religious arena, health and education. There is not a single aspect of our lives that has not been infiltrated and manipulated from the podium of “respectful authorities.” After all, how can we believe that these knowledgeable individuals would plan a Machiavellian agenda to destroy our lives and rule despotically over the entire world? Impossible!

Well, that was exactly my reaction when I was first exposed to the Truth. I am calling it Truth because it is to me and because I have had twenty years to prove it to myself not only through research but also by living it personally in Venezuela where I witnessed the systematic destruction of a Nation and its population step by step; where I lost my home, car and all my money; where I was put in jail for being an American citizen and a traitor to the Nation. I was lucky enough to make it out alive. Weighing only 98 lbs and with severe PTSD I returned to my home in the USA.

I am now in the process of writing my story hoping that it will help others realize how easily it is to be manipulated and enslaved by psychopaths who are after power and wealth.

Why am I writing this today? Because ever since I returned to the USA in December 2014 I have been witnessing the exact same agenda I lived through in Venezuela be implemented here. Obama was following it by the letter. I was already resigning myself to go once more through the horrors I had experienced in Venezuela until I noticed after the 2016 election that our new president was actually exposing and dismantling the agenda and the corruption instead of following it and that he was actually working on behalf of the people of the planet and not out of his own personal desires for power and greed. I know that many of you reading this will immediately black list me and that is fine. As I said before, this is not meant to dissuade anyone or change anyone’s mind one way or another.

I am actually writing this piece for me because in the past couple of months my PTSD has returned fueled by all the division, riots and commotions since Covid and BLM, Antifa, etc… All of these events give me flash backs to situations I have lived through before.

However, nowadays I no longer try to tell people that what they are supporting or doing is actually supporting their own demise. I used to blast that trumpet loud and clear in Venezuela for seven years and all I got were insults, ridicule and threats. I am not going down that road again. People have to learn in their own terms and their own way. Sometimes the learning can be very painful like what is happening to millions of Venezuelans these days (no food, no money, no medicines, and no government assistance). It is very nice to live under Socialism (totalitarian control). Sometimes that is what it takes for people to wake up from the hypnotic trance they have been placed under since the day they were born.

Yet, there is a silver lining underlying it all. God is always in control and always leading each and every one of his children back to the Real Home, back to the loving Heart. Nobody is excluded and everyone is welcomed with open arms and unconditional love. I am learning forgiveness for those who are perpetuating vicious acts on humanity at large; I am learning compassion for those who are unable or unwilling to see the Truth and I am learning to love and trust God with all my heart. In the end, we are all one in God and all of us at some point in time will turn around and decide to make it back to our True Legacy, our True and Only Real Home. I am open and willing to talk to those who want to know more and are ready to wake up. I am always available to expose Truth when the right moment calls for it. And so I say, May The Blessings Be!


Spiritual lessons come our way in every shape and form daily, if we take a moment to reflect on what is being presented instead of going into the automatic pilot of habitual reactions.

Lately Spirit has been showing me a karmic habit of mine I wasn’t aware of. This karmic pattern has deep roots in the family tree on my mother’s side.

This is the story of a spiritual opportunity or, as I often call it, a spiritual set up that happened to me recently.  My little Chihuahua, Georgy, has been banned from doggie day care because he attacked a dog and after the incident I was asked to keep him on a muzzle.  I tried putting a muzzle on him and each time he took it off within seconds. I felt the same way about a muzzle as he did so I decided to look for a reliable pet sitter to watch him while I am at work instead.

Yesterday I had scheduled an appointment at the library’s grounds with an older lady who does pet sitting. We had agreed to meet at 9:00 am and the library is behind my apartment building. She told me exactly where we would meet and I assumed that she meant the area next to the library where there is a beautiful Irises garden. So, Georgy and I walked from the apartment over to the garden ten minutes prior to the time. We waited and waited. 9 am came and went

“It is 9:05 am. Where is this woman?” my mind began to wander.

“People have no sense of responsibility these days!” the chatter continued in a frustrating crescendo.

“The least she could have done is let me know she was going to be late or not show up!” I could feel the entitlement coming in louder and stronger.

“Well, calm down now, people can be a little late. Things come up sometime. Just give her a chance.” A softer voice interjected.

 “I am going to give her fifteen minutes and if she doesn’t show I am leaving!” My righteous mind rebuked. I decided to write her a message letting her know I was waiting for her at the agreed upon spot.

A neighbor walked by with her dog and said hello and asked me what I was doing. I was ready to unleash upon her my frustration and have someone agree with me about how flaky people are these days. That would have made me feel good about the situation and would have given control back to me.

“I am waiting for someone I am supposed to meet here.” I said.

As soon as I was ready to tell my side of the story, I noticed an elderly woman calmly walking along the sidewalk towards us from the opposite side of the library.

“I guess she is here now.” I said as I walked up to her.

She smiled and very gently said that she had been waiting at the other side of the library just like she had written to me she would. She said she had received my message, saw me and came over instead.

She was nice, friendly and not at all judgmental about the mishap. She said she didn’t know there was such a beautiful Iris garden on this side of the library and she was glad to see it.

All my righteousness and judgment melted away in an instant as I recognized that the one on the “wrong” side was me and not her. So I apologized for assuming that she would be where the Irises were. She smiled and proceeded to meet Georgy who immediately loved her and wanted her to pick him up.

Yesterday morning I got more than a pet sitter, I received a very direct and loving lesson from Spirit and a warning that assuming I am right and correct may not be the case and even if it would be the case there are kinder ways of dealing with life’s curve balls instead of immediately going to war and assuming the worst of others. I have been contemplating on this pattern and realizing how deeply ingrained it is in my consciousness. 

I am grateful and very much humbled by the whole experience. I have to admit that this is not my first experience where my first and automatic inclination is to criticize and make others at fault. I am sure that there will be plenty more situations coming my way to continue to show me my karmic weakness and give me a fresh opportunity to change my response to a more balanced and neutral one.

Can anyone else out there relate?

Much love to all!


Back in 1994 I was attending the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Long island. This required I travel once every three months from Honolulu, where I was living, to New York and spend one week at the school in Long Island.

This one time, I had just completed the week training and was home bound. I was feeling pretty exhausted and was looking forward to some rest during the long flight back to Hawaii.

I was very glad to see that my seat on the very last row of the plane had nobody else sitting next to it which meant I could stretch out along the three empty seats and get some needed sleep.

I noticed a man with a young boy settling into the seats on the opposite aisle. The boy was frantic and very unsettled and so was the dad trying his best to calm him down. I watched them make several trips to the restroom located behind our seats.

I decided not to pay attention to their commotion and instead settle into my space ready for takeoff. As soon as I closed my eyes the Holy Spirit nudged me to go talk to the man and let him know I could help him with the child.

Reluctantly I got up and introduced myself. “Hi there, my name is Kery. I noticed there is something troubling your child. I just finished one week of training in energy healing and perhaps I could be of assistance to you and your son.”

He looked at me trying his best to hide the deep sense of skepticism and horror my introduction was causing him. Politely he declined my help and thanked me.

“Just in case you change your mind, sir, I am sitting in the aisle next to yours.”

I felt relieved that he had rejected my help, probably thinking I was some kind of weirdo playing witchcraft. Now I could finally get to sleep.

I moved to the seat by the window waiting for the takeoff to be over so I would be able to lay down.

The plane had taken off and I could hear the dad still fussing around with the boy. Trips to the restroom were made time and again to no avail. Finally, I heard the flight attendant, who by the way had heard my introduction to the man, suggesting he would take me up on the offer.

I was still sitting by the window with eyes closed when suddenly a frightened boy was dropped on my lap and an exhausted father sank heavily on the seat next to mine.

“Okay, do your thing lady. I am at my wits end.”

The boy, an adorable eight years old, was frozen in terror sitting on the lap of a total stranger.

Needless to say, I was more terrified than both of them together.

What is one to do in such situation?

I did the only thing I knew. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and turned to God.

I connected to the boy’s emotional body.

“I want my mom! Why did mom take my brother with her and sent me on a plane with dad? I am afraid I am going to die and my mom is not with me.”

I felt this child’s terror and pain as I understood what was troubling him. Instinctively, I opened my heart just like a mother would and loved him.

I felt the warmth of Divine Love descend upon me and flow out of my heart to touch the frightened boy. As soon as he felt the divine touch, his body relaxed and he leaned back against my chest with a long sigh of relief.

“Your mom loves you very much. She will be waiting for you at home with open arms.” I whispered in his ear.

He turned around and hugged me while I gently stroked his head and gave him a tender kiss on the forehead.

I turned my head towards the father and found him and the flight attendant with mouths dropped and speechless.

“Okay lady, I don’t know what you just did but that was nothing short of a miracle. I have to admit I thought you were a little out there when you offered help. Please understand I am a medical doctor and do not believe much in this energy healing stuff. Today I stand corrected. Thank you so very much.”

We spent the next five hours of flight playing games and laughing. Even the flight attendant was included!

When we landed at the airport the dad asked me if I could watch the boy while he took care of some personal business.

The child was sitting on a stroller and he took a deep look at me and said, “Can you help me with something?”

“If I can I will be happy to do so.”

“I see monsters.” He blurted out and then paused to see my reaction.

“Go on.”

With a sigh of relief he continued, “They come and scare me all the time and I don’t know what to do.”

“Are there any monsters here at this moment?”


“Okay then. I want you to look at the monster and take a deep breath.”

“I am scared.”

“I know you are and I am telling you that it is okay to look at the monster even when you are afraid. I promise you that I am not going to let the monster hurt you in any way.”

“Okay. I will try.”

“Now, when you are looking at the monster I want you to call on the Holy Spirit for protection. Just say, “I love you God. Please embrace me with your light and grace.”

“I am scared.”

“Yes. Can you see the Light?”


“Okay, look at the Light and ask for It to embrace you with love.”

“That makes me feel good!”

“Can you ask the monster if he would like to come into the Light too?”

“I am scared of the monster.”

“Yes, however inside the Light and Grace of the Holy Spirit no harm can come to anyone.”

“Why would I want the monster to come into the Light? He is bad.”

“Yes, he is bad because he is scared and doesn’t know about the Love and the Light and the Grace of the Holy Spirit.” “Remember how scared you were in the airplane? Remember how angry you were at your mom and your dad? Then love touched your heart and changed you.  The same can happen to the monster if he allows for love to come into his heart. Sometimes monsters do and other times they don’t. Guess you will never know unless you try and ask, right?”

“Okay I will try.” He closed his eyes becoming very quiet.

“He left. He was scared of the Light and left.”

“Well, that is his choice and his freedom. At least you tried to help him. Maybe next time he will change his heart. The important thing is that now you know what to do when monsters come to scare you.”

“Yes! Thank you! I love you!”

“I love you too and I am so glad I met you and your dad. You made this trip a very special one!”

Dad came back and we exchanged phone numbers and names.

Before going our own ways, I asked the dad if it would be okay to have a picture taken of me and his delightful boy.

To this day whenever I look at that picture all I see is a brilliant light uniting our hearts in a warm embrace.

May The Blessing Be!


Divine Love in Action

They say that there is nothing more powerful than love. Love can move mountains and heal broken hearts; it can raise the dead, make miracles, cure the sick, the list goes on and on. In short, there is nothing that love can’t do. The love I speak of is Divine Love, the kind that just loves because it is ITS nature to do so; it expects nothing in return and it rejoices in giving.

Divine Love needs instruments for it to manifest in the physical realm. The one requirement to be a clear vehicle for the Divine is to have an open heart.

Recently, I was reminded of a couple of situations when I was able to experience firsthand and participate in the wondrous power of Love by choosing to be a channel for it.

A while back, I volunteered in the children’s room during a yearly spiritual seminar I used to attend. Many times I would be an activity leader for the age groups of 5-7 or 8-10 years old.

This one time I was volunteering during the evening session as support to the activity leader within a group ages 8-10. The children were asked to sit on the floor and quietly watch a movie. The woman in charge of the group had asked me to keep an eye on three boys who had been disruptive and misbehaving the entire day. Apparently, these three little guys had a reputation of working together and getting into fights with the other kids. “Keep them separate from the others. Stay with them all the way in the back of the room and be very firm with them. I want no more trouble. I have had enough of them already.” She addressed me and the kids.

 I took a moment to look at the boys as they were being scolded.  Something deep inside their eyes struck a familiar chord in my heart. I saw and felt their concealed pain and loneliness.

The woman stormed away to dim the lights in the room and start the movie.

The boys looked at me as if waiting to be scolded some more and to be escorted to the back of the room, away from everyone else. Instead, I sat down behind the last row of children, closed my eyes and turned to the Divine for help.

“Holy Spirit, please open my heart to love these boys. It seems that they really need to feel that they are loved right now.” I prayed.

I felt my heart open much like a flower ready to receive the warmth of sunlight in gratitude.

“Let Love Be” Spirit whispered in my heart. And so I did. With no expectation, no desires, I sat there and loved the children with all my heart.

At first, the three boys were taken aback from my lack of a usual engagement and stood there staring at me. Then, I heard them confabulate with one another, perhaps trying to figure out what I was up to and what would be the best strategy on their part.

Finally, there was silence and then a slow movement in my direction. The three of them surrounded me, two on each side and one in the back. They sat down and gently leaned their bodies and heads on me. I stroked their heads softly as a loving mother would do to her child. I felt their gentle and loving hearts melt together into the flow of Divine Love.  The three boys sat quietly throughout the movie taking in the love that the Holy Spirit was unconditionally and freely giving them.

My eyes happened to glance towards a far corner of the room to find the leader of the group watching in astonished disbelief the transformation that had taken place. I smiled at her and opened my heart to include her and the entire room in the circle of love. She smiled back as grace descended upon her and softened her entire body.

Divine Love is always present and as near as our own heart.

I will post the second story at another time.


I have been observing and working with my dreams for over twenty years. I have boxes full of dream journals. Yes, I used to write my dreams down by hand. Nowadays, I type them in my computer. Studying dreams can open one up to an entire new world. In my many years of recording dreams I have noticed recurring patterns, premonitions of future events. In my dreams I have attended classes in schools and universities that are out of this physical realm and learned about spiritual healing. I have visited amazing libraries that keep records of the history of our universe as well as those of universes we are not even aware of. In one such library I was allowed to look at my records, as Soul, and all the experiences I have had lifetime after lifetime on this planet Earth as well as on other planets. I also glanced at the records of possible future lives of mine. In dreams I have faced my worst fears, I have been in touch with deceased relatives, I have gotten into trouble, I have helped strangers through difficult situations, I have flown in Space Crafts, I was able to breathe under water……..

Some people may say it is all fantasy and not real. Yet I have had dreams that are more real than this physical reality. So much so that at times it feels as if the dream world is the real one and this physical is the illusion.

No, I am not crazy and if you would start opening up to your inner dream world you will understand what I am saying.

My last post was an article from a friend of mine. He suggested dreams as one solution to the current situation. There is a dream I had a few nights back. I want to share it here.

Dream:  I am in a large room and I am talking to my son. He is in another room behind me. I tell him that my head has been itching a lot lately and I am wondering if I have some critters causing it. He says to check my skull. I am a bit reluctant; guess I do not really want to see live critters crawling on my head. I take a deep breath gathering courage and with my left hand I scratch the left side of my skull. I shake my left hand near the floor. Something falls off and begins to crawl away. It is a small, cream color spider. I look at tiny insect and I feel relieved that it isn’t a tick. Somehow the spider doesn’t give me any “bad” feeling and, as a matter of fact she feels harmless and pretty sweet and gentle to me. Taking another deep breath I reach again and dig some more on the left side. This time a tiny black ant crawls away following the same path towards the right as the spider did. I watch the shiny black body move quickly. Once more I feel relieved that it isn’t a tick and I feel the strength of the ant as if it was me. I scratch some more, no more critters appear, only a large amount of white flakes. Gathering courage, I now scratch the right side of my skull to see if anything is hiding there. I shake my right hand forcefully yet nothing seems to be coming out. Suddenly I notice a black dot that quickly jumps off sight. I realize it was a flea. I feel that it was better to find a flea rather than a tick. Also I do not feel any negative reaction towards the discovery of the flea.  I scratch some more and only white flakes come off. I now feel I have checked my head properly and that the insect I was fearing to find was not there at all which made me feel relaxed and happy.

Upon awakening and out of curiosity, I decided to look up the archetypal meaning of the insects I found living in my head. This is what I found:

Spider is associated with the female creative energy. (This is how the spider felt to me, as a gentle feminine energy form)/ It tells the tale of a self-providing home comforting and peaceful.
It represents patience and perseverance to reach a final goal and to succeed with brilliance.

An ant is a symbol of strength, diligence, willpower, honesty, unity, patience, determination, stamina, sacrifice, and loyalty. Despite its minute size, the ant as a spirit animal possesses an immense strength of accomplishment, reminding you that nothing comes easy in life without putting any effort. (The ant gave me a sense of strength in the dream).

A flea shows those of us who have felt victimized or powerless that we really do have tremendous influence, agility, self-preservation and protection abilities.
Flea reminds us of our resilience. The harsh criticism of others may scratch away at our self-esteem, but nothing can crush our spirits if we define ourselves from within. By seeing how big we are inside, instead of focusing on small-minded insults or transgressions from without, we harness our inner strength and can fly even without wings. (I found myself relating closely to this explanation and to some situations I have been facing lately).

I am grateful for the dream and for the message that brought to me through insects.

Finally, out of curiosity, I looked up the archetypal meaning of a tick:

Ticks visit your dreams to bring warnings that you need to be careful at this time. You need to stay detached from all situations, especially ones that are brewing dramas. Beware of those close to you deliberately trying to provoke a reaction out of you. Do not let them get under your skin. Be clear with your boundaries and avoid getting involved.

Something may be draining your energy when tick turns up in your dreams. Is there someone or something like this in your life?

May The Blessings Be!

The definition of insanity

A couple of weeks ago, I asked a friend/mentor of mine what the definition of insanity was. As an answer to my question, he sent me an article he has written recently. I really liked what he had to say on the subject and, with his permission, I am going to post it on my blog.

Your thoughts, personal experiences are always welcome. If you find the information useful, please pass it along to friends and family. No sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any social media, please, only post on your personal blogs. Thanks.

If you want to explore in depth the human condition and predicament, I suggest you read his book, “The Land of Po” You can find it on Amazon- a very interesting and revolutionary reading.

 04/21/2020                                         Land of Pō                               R. A. Jurgensen

                                                     Difficult Times


Fear and Loathing in the time of COVID-19


Before masks and 6 feet of separation were ordered, I was shopping at Costco and watching anxious people pushing carts filled with toilet paper, bottled water, and high-calorie, comfort food. I ran into a friend who has held some responsible positions in state government. After greeting, our conversation turned to comments about stressful times and frantic people.

The casual mention of “crazy” came up. Since crazy is a personal and professional favorite of mine and has provided me with a lifetime of employment, two quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche came to mind. For those unfamiliar with Nietzsche, he was a brilliant 19th Century German philosopher, composer, poet, and an astute observer of human nature:

1. When a hundred men stand together, each of them loses his mind and gets another.

Nietzsche’s quote implies that most of us have an individual mind. When we join a group, we stop thinking for ourselves and turn our attention to conforming and striving to establish our place in the hierarchy. This is a natural instinct for all herd animals, including humans, and is motivated by the need for community and survival. In the same way that sheep and wolves congregate, people merge their minds, create a group reality, and become either a herd of sheep, a pack of wolves, or most exciting of all, a herd of sheep managed by a few wolves.

Over time, most people become totally dependent on The Group for validation, their identity, and their truth. A consensus reality of convenience and control becomes the bedrock of social reality with a little r. So, there we are. What’s could possibly go wrong?

2. Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. [my emphasis]


When I repeated a semblance of this quote to my friend, his face went blank and then puzzled— a sign of cognitive dissonance. That means that he was being confronted with an idea that is 180 degrees out of phase from his “normal” and socially correct thinking. It had never occurred to him that the very institutions he had honorably worked for could be insane.

He recovered enough to speak and said, “Why would that be?”

The middle of a busy aisle of Costco isn’t the best place for a discussion that is any more complicated than “Where is the gluten-free bread?” so I muttered that long-established group realities aren’t based on Truth but on lies to calm people by telling them what they want to hear and lies to frighten the flock in the desired direction.

Once lying starts, it has to continue or The Lie is exposed. Eventually, the group reality becomes so twisted by its acrobatic lying that it becomes dysfunctional and then certifiably mad (which interestingly means both “insane” and “enraged”). At this point, the same mental-health categories used to describe individuals are directly applicable to the mental health of the collective mind—words like anxious, depressed, paranoid, psychotic, and psychopathic.

Back in Costco and standing in the way of aggressive people on survival missions with shopping carts, my friend and I feared for our survival, so the discussion lapsed and our conversation ended with some socially correct pleasantries.

What’s the takeaway? Unstable times come and go within a person, within families, villages, and countries, but this time, because of our transportation and technology, the destabilization is global. The collective truth has been twisted so many times that it is badly out of alignment with natural law and demonstrates why civilizations throughout history collapse from within. It doesn’t take much imagination to guess what happens to the people who depend on the group for their safety, truth, and sanity as the collective mind spirals downward into darkness and destruction.

Just seeing how and why societies become insane and die isn’t enough. In fact, the awareness of this creates more anxiety and fear. What is the antidote that society uses to combat fear and existential helplessness?


After people are herded together by fear, a popular, time-tested antidote is applied. At that point, the narrative is flipped in order to change the fear into hatred toward another group or an individual. Hatred works because it is a strong and aggressive emotion which obliterates fearful helplessness, but only temporarily, so it has to be applied over and over, again, to keep The Lie from falling apart. Unfortunately, the long-term side effects of obsessive hatred and lying are the erosion and eventual obliteration of the soul (consciousness) of a person and a society.

Maybe there is a solution better than a scorched earth populated by the walking dead. [smiley face with N-95 mask]


We spend a fourth to a third of our lives asleep so the body can recover from the day’s activity. More important, taking a break from waking life for 6 to 8 hours a day allows the Universe to take us on adventures in dimensions not available to our self-absorbed and defended egos.

Dreams disappear quickly, so write down an occasional dream and relive it several times while awake, and you will initiate a natural process of healing and transformation. “Analyzing” a dream is of little value because it turns the dream over to your awake ego, which is spending most of its time avoiding and escaping from insights and truths that daily life and dreams offer.

Instead of analyzing dreams, reexperience them, feel the emotions, and let them affect you. Dreams are gifts that are designed just for you by an intelligent Universe. This style of dream work activates consciousness and reveals attachments that are obstructing your growth while at the same time, balancing and fine tuning your mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Of course, some dreams are frightening, but don’t throw them away with the standard “It isn’t real.” and “It’s just a dream.” Record them even if you have no clue about their meaning and value. Disturbing dreams reveal essential issues at the deepest part of your psyche and can prove invaluable as their meaning unfolds over your lifetime. In the book, Land of Pō, I included dreams in the context of my life to encourage others to do the same, hoping that they will reap the benefits that I have.

If you sincerely engage the process suggested, you will undergo a gradual and relieving withdrawal from your addiction to a deluded society. Then, when people around you become frightened and paranoid, you won’t unwittingly be swept up and drowned in the psychic wave of mob consciousness.

If being a vector and a victim of the current mind virus spreading throughout the globe is too stressful and no longer serving your best interests, you have a choice. All the while that you are being entertained, mesmerized and terrified by the social/political dramas in front of you, there is

a doorway behind you. Turn around and step onto the path that leads away from the madding crowd.

Your dreams will reflect this as you find yourself leaving houses, schoolrooms, offices, and institutions behind and travel on paths and roads that take you to meadows, forests, and oceans filled with creatures. You will find yourself flying like a bird and breathing underwater like a fish, indications that your consciousness has attained some freedom from its self-imposed confinement in the socialized mind.

Eventually you will find creative-energy fields of color and sound—consciousness beyond the storyboard dramas of a confused and self-destructive species.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness … it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness … we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was … like the present period.

A Tale of Two Cities

—Charles Dickens

In the present period, like all periods, you are offered a choice: wisdom, Light, and Heaven or foolishness, Darkness and Hell. Complicated times aren’t really that complicated after all.


We have been having beautiful sunny weather in Colorado these days.

My latest focus has been on gratitude, realizing God’s love and presence throughout the day.

This morning I decided to go for a walk in the trails of Black Forest. To my surprise, little Georgy, usually the first one out the door when I say, let’s go for a walk, remained quietly sitting on the sofa.

“All right then, if you are not up to it I am going jogging on my own.” I told him as I walked out the back door.

Outside, the air was crisp and windy. Thankfully, I was wearing a long sleeved sweat shirt protecting me from getting chilled.

As I jogged along the trail I could feel unrest deep in my gut. I tried to put it out of mind by paying attention to the breathtaking surroundings. Tall ponderosa pines swinging gently to the breeze, the majestic Pikes Peak Mountain covered with snow rising up into the deep blue Colorado sky, the frogs singing in the puddles of melted snow water. Usually nature opens my heart to feeling gratitude for the wonders and beauty of God’s creation. Not today and that bothered me.

I jogged all the way to a pond that nears the main road of the subdivision. I walked around the pond and found a bench a few steps away from the water. I decided to sit and pay attention to my gut instead of trying to ignore the turmoil.

I immediately recognized the emotion trapped inside me, the old friend called fear.

I took a few deep breaths while my eyes searched the surroundings. Several birds were merrily looking for insects near the banks of the pond.

“How I would love to be just like them right now; enjoying the day, not a care in their minds and hearts.”I sighed. “I feel trapped in this fear and can’t enjoy this very moment.”

“Is it your fear that you are experiencing? Take a deeper look at yourself because it seems to me that you are very calm.” Spirit’s voice whispered in the breeze.

I paused and immediately realized that, in fact, I was very calm and the fear was in the environment surrounding me. As a result, much like a tuning fork, my gut was resonating with that vibration.

“Hmm. Interesting.”I said.

“Perhaps you could call Jeanie and ask her to do a contemplation together to lift up the stagnating fear in the surroundings?”Spirit nudged me softly.

“I am not sure it is a good idea. She might take it the wrong way, not like it. I can do it myself with you, instead.”I replied feeling knots and butterflies in my stomach.

“Where two or more gather in MY name……” Spirit said.

I tried to dismiss Spirit’s nudges and turned my face to the left. I noticed two small birds with a white crown- like stripe around their head and a bright red top. They were heading my way.

“They will fly away as soon as they see me. “ I thought.

“Keep calm and see.”

Both birds came right up to my feet and stayed there eating away as if I didn’t exist.

“It takes two.”Spirit whispered. “Call Jeanie”

Jeanie answered almost immediately and she agreed to sing HU (pronounced like the name Hugh), an ancient name for God that helps to connect us to the Word or Holy Spirit for help and guidance by the opening of the heart center.

As we both opened our hearts in gratitude and love for the Creator, the HU sound created a wave which both of us witnessed on our inner seeing. This 360 degree wave expanded outwards into our surroundings. At that very moment a Hawk flew in and landed on the very top of the Ponderosa Pine standing across the pond in front of me. The bird sang with us for quite some time. With every out breath of the Sound of HU, also called the Sound of Soul, I felt the vibrations around me become softer and calmer until everything was still. The trapped energy of fear had dissipated and in its place the tranquil, joyful energy of Divine Love took hold.

As a reward from Spirit, both Jeanie and I received an energy signature gift. She received a shimmering diamond of light that was placed inside her heart center. I received a Black Pearl the size of a grapefruit, which was placed in the palm of my hands.

Although I don’t know yet the spiritual significance of the gift of a Black shining Pearl, I am looking forward to learning about it and I am grateful for the gift of Love.

I can only imagine what the HU wave of divine love that was created this morning by two God loving people will do when it touches everything and everyone in ITS path.

Blessings to all!!!

Pikes Peak

The Cleanse

A week ago I decided to change my diet in order to cleanse my liver and support my digestive system and overall health.

I started juicing several times a day fresh, organic vegetables and fruits and taking some supplements that help detoxify the liver. I added to the mixture a daily routine of one mile jogging and two to three miles walk (my little Georgy can only take one mile of jogging a day) plus plenty of fresh water.

The detox is reaching deeper than I expected. In fact, the first two nights I woke up drenched in sweat several times. The sweating would last for about a minute or so and then my body would go back to normal. In the morning I would wake up feeling my entire body shaking inside, as when one gets anxious or overly excited. Old and seemingly forgotten memories would surface unexpectedly during the course of the day bringing up pent up bitterness and boiling rage deep inside my gut.

One day, while jogging, a sudden realization of self hatred and self blame over past choices hit me like a bolt of lightning. I had no idea I was keeping these emotions stored away in some remote area of my subconscious.

As the week progressed I began to wake up regularly at 1:00 am every single night as if an internal alarm system had been set up to go off at that time and jolt me out of a deep sleep.

I began to feel some concern because the lack of sleep was affecting me during the day.  How much longer was I going to be able to sustain this state of affairs?

Exhausted from yet another sleepless night, I turned to Spirit for guidance one morning asking what was causing my sleep and emotional imbalance. I immediately had a vision of the space my consciousness was fixated upon day and night.

Having more time than usual in my hands because of the lockdown, I got into the habit of watching a bunch of podcasts in the alternative media. I was doing so right before going to bed thus, whatever the latest development in this seemingly unending nightmare was for the day, it would be the last thing my mind had placed its attention upon.

I was shown that because of my deep interest in keeping up with information I was living in the world being broadcasted, one of confusion, opposing views, discord, animosity and constant fear. Spirit suggested I reduce the amount of videos I watch and that at night before going to sleep to place my attention on something joyful and peaceful. Spirit also nudged me to check online what organ was active at 1:00 am (in oriental medicine, each organ has a span of time during the day or night when they are active)

So, I stopped watching online news videos before dinner and I actually turned off not only my computer but also my cell phone and the house WI-Fi. Amazingly I slept for seven hours straight! Best sleep I had in a while.

This morning I remembered to check online for the active organ at 1:00 am. Surprise! It is the liver! Yes, the liver becomes active during the times of 1:00 – 3:00 am. In fact, according to Chinese medicine, this is the time when the body goes into deep sleep, gets rejuvenated, the blood gets detoxified and the entire system recovers from the day. When one wakes up during these hours it is a sign of unresolved anger or of high levels of stress. Does it sound familiar?

The picture and the steps I need to correct the imbalance suddenly are clear as day. To wrap it all up perfectly I drew a card from the deck: “Learn how to keep balance”

I never tire to marvel at the constant love and guidance the Holy Spirit gives to each of us if we only dare to ask.

Love and blessings to all,